Day 76: What is growing in my garden?

What Is Growing In My Garden?

by Long Island Yak



I am cleaning out my garden.  I have let it overgrow. I am not worried about it.  It is coming along nicely.  As I am pulling out weeds, I hear God speak to me about what I allow to grow in my garden.  He would know a thing or two about them 🙂

First, just because something is good (not a weed) does not mean you have to keep it in your garden.  There is only room for so much in there and I have to decide what to keep and what to pull.  What will stay and live, and what I will pull and let DIE.  It cannot be both and I have to decide as I carefully examine each specimen.  It is much easier to pull out what I am sure is a weed than to pull what I know is of value to me, yet it doesn’t belong where it has sprouted up.  I choose where it belongs.  Some of these plants can be intrusive and although they add beauty and depth, and a splash of rich color to my garden, but they can sometimes be TOO MUCH.  They must be pulled or they will cover everything else up.  It cannot be all about this one plant.  Diversify!  I can use a piece of it in another place, but I cannot allow it to take over. 


Second, I MUST tend to my garden.  I cannot allow weeds to choke out all the beautiful things that have been planted. No! Weeds not only choke out the plant and kill them, but they also block the view and before you know it, you have forgotten all the pretty plants you planted in there.  What has been planted needs room to grow and also needs to be seen. 


Third, a thing about soil. Soil. Aren’t we made of the same elements as soil? I digress. Now I am happy to say that I have been blessed with good soil.  I have a lot of earth worms working the ground.  However, a word about worms.  They are gross! And scary looking.  They are slimy and slither and I have often been intimidated by them. Yuck! Blah! If you garden, you know that if you are pulling weeds, you can expect these beauties to pop out.  Some can be very large and I almost think they try to lunge at me. Their quick, slithery bodies have more than once helped me decide to garden another day.  I am happy to say, they don’t BUG me anymore.  They are harmless as we all know, gross but harmless.  I wonder if I will ever find beauty in them. Hmmm….


Finally, I have a LOT to learn about gardening.  I realize that it is not only about what I see on the outside.  The soil must be healthy and prepared just so.  If a plant gets a fungus, what do I do?  How can I naturally eradicate my plants of leaf eating predators?  In other words, how do I maintain my garden and protect it?  All along I have been winging it, and my results have been okay.  But now, I believe it is time to be intentional.  I must find out how from a MASTER GARDENER.  


So now that I have taken a break from gardening, I must return.  There is work to be done.  And I can’t wait to hear what God will say next.