Praise Adonai by Paul Wilbur


DAY 87: s u p p l y

What do you and I need today? Let’s be honest. We are out of control. We are dependent, aren’t we? Are we aware of all that we need?

Are we aware of all we DON’T need?

My God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

May my heart and yours be awakened to the fact that we are in GREAT NEED and we have a GOD most willing and certainly able to meet each one. May my heart and yours be aware of what we don’t need and likewise bring that to our faithful, loving Father in heaven. May we thank Him for we didn’t even know how to pray. We asked and He taught us! SUPPLY!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!

Day 86: great

Jesus is GREAT yet when He walked the earth, He did not consider himself to be GREAT. He instead was humbly great. We are talking about Jesus here. He is the King of all kings! He is the Lord of all lords. God has given Him GREAT AUTHORITY. HE IS THE VERY IMAGE OF GOD THE FATHER. Yet He was humbly great.


Kinda puts who we are in perspective……..




May my heart and yours bow to the ONE TRUE KING. May we seek to be more like HIM rather than the GREAT the world tempts us with. May we seek to be humble like Jesus Christ that we truly may be great.

Day 85: S T U F F E D

Ugh! Chili and a frosty and boy oh boy am I STUFFED!!!! I consumed much more than I actually needed. It was simply too much. I enjoyed it until I went TOO FAR. Now I am left with a belly ache. I can barely breathe. What started out as a need (because I was hungry and had not eaten yet…skipped breakfast) and a want (because it was delicious) left me SO SO SORRY as my body simply could not handle being OVER-STUFFED.

How could I allow this to happen? (seriously, I still can’t breathe comfortably!!!).

I simply dropped the ball by skipping breakfast, choosing fast food and stuffing my face when I KNEW my belly was full.

What does this have to do with LIFE.LIFE.LIFE.?
Poor planning, poor choices and, uh, GREED/GLUTTONY leave us breathless in a bad way. This, of course, is a pretty harmless example. What about when this kind of “life-style” leave us very FULL of STUFF, but spiritually empty?

Father, may we PLAN to be with You and not skip any “meals”. May we choose to EAT Your WORD. May we stop and sit in Your presence and breathe You freely in. Only You satisfy us the way we NEED!!

Day 84: How do you know?

In the beginning of the book of John, the question was posed, “How do you know?”. He responded that he didn’t. BUT GOD!!!!

God said that the Holy Spirit would rest upon THE ONE like a dove. And so John must have been on the look out. He did not blindly testify that Jesus was the Messiah. He was told what would happen when the Messiah came. And it happened! And he testified to that truth.

How do any of us know? It’s always by the Spirit of God. He reveals truth to us. We never have to figure it out for ourselves. We have a counsellor, a VERY PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF NEED.

How did Jesus reveal Himself to you?


Day 83: back to LIFE

This blog is dedicated to LIFE. LIFE. LIFE.  In the hustle and bustle of living LIFE, it seems this blog has fallen away.   Has this ever happened to you? If you are like me, you may find that the very things that are LIFE GIVING are the hardest to stick to. Think things like eating right, exercise, PRAYER, making time for a friend and practicing  an instrument.

Which LIFE GIVING activities are you putting off?  Is there anything you can do to make positive changes?

I wonder if the only thing we really can do is seek the LIFE GIVER HIMSELF. Apart from Him we can do nothing anyway….nothing worthy of eternity.

May we commit our ways unto You Lord that You would make them prosper. May You strengthen us and guide our steps as a lamp unto our feet. May we count the time You have given us as worthy of LIFE….YOUR LIFE.