Day 105: Fail?

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to do something and succeed at it, and yet failed at that task? I have too.

Failure = lack of success or the omission of expected or required action.

I believe I have failed myself and anyone following this blog.  My last post was a challenge to walk in the Spirit. Now of course, there is no where else to truly LIVE, right?

Since I didn’t write another post after that one, I am addressing what happened here, today.

The truth: I’m not sure.

I wanted to post everyday, and didn’t.  FAIL.

This boils down to a few things. -Who am I really failing? Why don’t I follow through with what I plan? What is really important to me? How can I achieve what I set out to accomplish? When will I do the things I plan to do? Where will these things take place?

Who, What, When, Where, How, Why……great questions!!!

I don’t have the answers yet, but I know there is ONE who does for sure.

Our Heavenly Father will meet me and you in these broken places. When you and I are weak, it is then He is strong. May your heart and mine allow the Almighty God to be our strength. May we ask Him those great questions and wait on Him to answer. Thank You Jesus, there is no condemnation in you. Bless us when we can’t for we know and believe, You can!!!  That’s the kind of LIFE I want to live.


Day 96: such a lonely word

Billy Joel sang about it years ago. “Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue.” Now you may have stopped dead in your tracks and thought about how many people you know have been dishonest with you or with someone else. Perhaps politicians and lawyers stereo-typically came to mind. How about someone you will never forgive because of their hurtful lies?  Parents, close friends, colleagues…..spouses?


There is plenty of TRUTH to all of that, but do you consider yourself  part of the EVERYONE in that phrase?  

I know I hadn’t thought of myself that way for the longest time. And since I’m still very much in process, uh, on this earth, I’m sure God will reveal more and more of the how dishonest I can be. I would say mostly with God and myself.

Do we really know who we are and what we are capable of or do we simply look at others as BAD and ourselves as GOOD?

How are you and I doing in respect to HONESTY?

Have we been an honest friend, sibling, child, parent, co-worker, neighbor, loved one?

If  we stop to think about it and begin to get honest with ourselves, we will see how dishonest we can be with ourselves. Make sense?

Father God, we ask You to reveal to us the TRUTH about ourselves. Help us to be honest with You, ourselves and others. Give us wisdom and grace to receive the TRUTH and trust how much You know everything about us and LOVE US ANYWAY. Thank You for loving us enough to send Jesus to die for us that Your Holy Spirit could come and reveal such things to us. Bless YOU JESUS!!!

Day 84: How do you know?

In the beginning of the book of John, the question was posed, “How do you know?”. He responded that he didn’t. BUT GOD!!!!

God said that the Holy Spirit would rest upon THE ONE like a dove. And so John must have been on the look out. He did not blindly testify that Jesus was the Messiah. He was told what would happen when the Messiah came. And it happened! And he testified to that truth.

How do any of us know? It’s always by the Spirit of God. He reveals truth to us. We never have to figure it out for ourselves. We have a counsellor, a VERY PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF NEED.

How did Jesus reveal Himself to you?