Day 18: antidote #1

We will start to combat Clutter (Day 17) by taking a look at “laziness”.  We want to kick this thing to the curb!! But how?

Let’s commit to meditate on these words day and night and to watch how God’s promises are applied to our problems. Marilyn Hickey says, “You take the promise to the problem, you don’t take the problem to God. You take the promise that goes with the problem because the promise doesn’t return void.” Makes perfect sense. There is POWER in the name of Jesus to break every chain. He is the Word and His Word is power!! Let’s begin.

First, being lazy is a trap many of us fall into.  Can we be so bold to admit that we are lazy and unfocused in our work? This may not seem like a big deal, but the Word tells it differently.  I find this to be particularly eye-opening:

Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys. Proverbs 18:9.  I picture someone coming in and taking a baseball bat to my home. A destroyer! By being slack in our work, we are CLOSELY RELATED to the Destroyer! Destroyers do not bring LIFE. Brothers of destroyers? What do you think?

There are many scriptures written on the subject of laziness or sloth. For a nice compilation, check out this site:

I am going to pick one scripture that we can chew on together.  Being lazy. That is the problem. Now for the good news!! The promise.

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.  Hebrews 12:11

The antidote to laziness: Discipline. Lazy people are un-disciplined. We don’t feeeeeel like doing what we know we are to do. Discipline tells us we must. It is not a choice. There are consequences to our behavior. Our things, our HOMES will be destroyed if we do not step up and do our part.

Ah, but in that discipline, though painful and unpleasant, will PRODUCE the peaceful fruit of righteousness. Not only will our homes be in order, but we will “yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness”.

May we meditate on these words day and night. May we be not only hearers, but also doers of the Word as they are written on my heart and yours. May we begin to let discipline train us that we would yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness.May your heart and mine not be discouraged by the painfulness of discipline!  May this peaceful fruit of righteousness reflect in every nook and cranny of our hearts and homes. Oh Jesus, it is in your name we pray. Thank YOU!

Now let’s get to work!! Mediate (read the Word again and again), pray (ask God and talk to Him), expect (He hears us and answers us) and believe (trust Him! He is not a man that He would lie): ACTION!! do what His Word says and receive every promise!!


Day 17: Clutter

How does clutter happen and how can it be avoided? Can it be avoided? I have tried, and as I look around, I see that at this moment in time, I have failed. Clutter is present. I see clothes without homes, a table covered (ok, I can’t really see the table for the stuff!),  and miscellaneous items I’m not sure I even need.

CLUTTER! It is sneaky. And it is a symptom. A symptom of: laziness, procrastination, exhaustion, hurry, greed, control, fear, being overwhelmed….let’s break this down.

Laziness: I don’t feel like putting that away.

Procrastination: I’ll put that away….later.

Exhaustion: I am too tired to put that away.

Hurry: I don’t have time to put that away.

Greed: I don’t need this, but it is mine. I want to keep it here with me. I don’t use it, need it, or wear it. But you can’t have what’s mine.

Control: It’s mine, and I will do what I wish with it. Even leave it on the floor.

Devalue: That used to mean a lot to me and I took really good care of it, once. But it is old now and it doesn’t mean as much so therefore I will no longer take good care of it.

Fear: I may need this one day, and then what. What if I don’t have it anymore?!

Being overwhelmed: I can’t keep up with all this stuff! It never ends!!! I give up!!

Clutter. Is it a losing battle? It may seem that way, but I am convinced there is an answer to each symptom. An answer that brings abundant LIFE. After all, clutter is a LIFE-drainer. It is a BIG distraction and waste of time. If we could take the time to do the right thing, clutter would be a thing of the past.

So what are the opposite behaviors for each of the above symptoms as they relate to clutter? Perhaps: Productiveness, Assertiveness, Being energized, Preparedness, Generosity, Freedom, Gratefulness, Love, Trust

Productiveness: I will put that away.

Assertiveness: I will put that away right now.

Being energized: I am filled with energy. I have the strength to do anything I need to.

Preparedness: I have not waited until the last minute. I have written out lists of what I need to do and I have prioritized the list. I will not be taken off-guard. No need to toss everything around in haste.

Generosity: I can freely give what I do not need or use.

Gratefulness: I am thankful for everything I have, regardless of how old it is.

Freedom: I don’t have to find freedom in controlling everything. It leads to a rebellion to do whatever I want. I am free, therefore I can make good choices.

Love: I am loved. I understand that if there is a need, a provision will be made. I don’t have to keep things I think I may need.

Trust: I trust that I will be cared for no matter what.

Not only are these great attributes to overcome clutter, but they are also great ways to live LIFE. They line up with the Word of God.  In the days ahead, we will look at what scripture has to say about each of these attributes.

In the meantime, may we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

May your heart and home, and mine say goodbye to clutter as we seek God’s Word to combat it. May your day and mine be filled with LIFE abundant.