Day 48: Identity Theft

Identity theft is a concern most of us have. If you have ever been a victim of identity theft, you know what it feels like. Someone has taken enough of your information to impersonate you. Consequently, this may have damaged your credit rating leaving you ineligible to receive a loan and/or a host of other  very unpleasant and damaging circumstances.  Not only is identity theft inconvenient, it is a violation. You never feel very safe after it has happened to you. If you learned anything, you have learned to be watchful and protect your personal information. You are definitely more guarded. Perpetrators are out there just waiting to steal your information again. How terrible to think this can happen?

After all, there is only one of you. You are unique and there have been systems put in place so you will be safe, though the days of not giving out your social security number are long gone. It’s crazy. How can somebody have the audacity to steal your identity?!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

Identity can also be stolen by another very real enemy. Only this enemy doesn’t just want to destroy your credit rating for his own personal gain. This enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy YOU! This enemy does not want you to know who you REALLY are or who he really is for that matter. Because he is the father of lies,  that is indeed what he does. He tells them to you so that you may never really know that You are the apple of God’s eye. That He is crazy about you. This way,  you will not understand that you are deeply loved by God, fully forgiven through the blood of His Son Jesus, completely accepted by Him, and a new creation in Christ.  You will not understand the power and authority that  dwells within you and BAM! Your life is over and You never knew the truth. Your very LIFE has been stolen!

The Father’s Love Letter

Any awful thing that you believe about yourself is not something Your Creator thinks about you. Quite the opposite.  He gave up His only Son for you and for me, that we would be right with God. He made a way when there was NO way. We can not make ourselves right with God no matter how good we try to be or think we are. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father.

May you and I understand who we are in Christ Jesus. May we find our identity in Him and Him alone. May we declare who we are and refute all lies about our identity. May we guard and protect the TRUTH about who God says we are. May we stand on the finished work of the Cross, the only way we can be made right with the Father. May we give thanks for all Jesus has done for us. May we truly come to learn how deeply loved we are. In Jesus’ AWESOME name.


Day 39: It’s Getting Heavy

I glance out the window and see the wet snow weighing down tree branches. It’s heavy. It is wet and it is heavy. The branches do their best to stay connected, but they are bending away from their original shape. They bend.  The more rigid ones break. They come away from their source of life and plummet to the ground to be collected and perhaps thrown into a fire. The bent branches will most likely bounce right back. The heaviness will melt away and they will go back to what they once were. They are not severed.

Are you feeling weighed down? I am. Do you feel like you might break? I do. Life can be heavy. Real heavy.

When the weight of the cares of this world weigh you down, do you bend or do you break? Are you flexible or are you rigid? Can you withstand the pressure or do you jump ship? What do you tell yourself when things do not go the way you would have liked them to? I believe that makes all the difference.

Today was an exceptionally challenging day. I was tested and I wasn’t particularly fond of my performance. I have no idea if the vocational evaluation I receive will be favorable or not, but I do know something else that was going on, and  for this, I am grateful. I was just about to break, really break. And I cracked a bit, it is true, because I started to listen to the awful things I was telling myself.  I started to berate myself to the point of growing completely faint and I was getting ready to mentally throw in the towel. IT WAS BAD!!!  I did not see any of my attributes. Only my flaws. And I have attributes!!! My greatest attribute and the one that matters most: I AM CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST!!! IT IS NO LONGER I THAT LIVES BUT CHRIST WHO LIVES IN ME!!!

If you are feeling weighed down, consider what you are telling yourself. It matters. I have a lot to learn and a lot to do towards making some changes in my life. The first change, speak to myself only the truth of who Christ says I am. He is crazy about me and He delights in me. To allow myself to believe anything else is to agree with satan.

What are you agreeing with today? The lies of the enemy or the truth from our Savior? It seems crystal clear what choice to make.

May the words in my heart and yours speak the truth of who we are in Christ. May your thoughts and mine be filled with good and lovely things about ourselves, our circumstance and others. May your eyes and mine be fixed on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.